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The form next to this text is for people to submit to us a magical item of their own creation. If this interests you please fill out the form to the right of this text.


The mechanics of the item are important. It is what makes the item work in the actual game itself. Be as descriptive as possible and leave nothing out.


The story behind the item is what brings the item to life. Perhaps it has a unique creation, a gift from a God or a famous hero held it?


If your item fits our meta or we truly like it. It will be professionally illustrated. So please use a very good description when telling us what it would look like. 

We also would like you to tell us what level you think it would fit in, and also if it would be used by a certain class if any.

By filling out this form, you are allowing us to collect the information given, and to contact you if and when we use this item in future projects.

Create an Item Submission Form 
Deity Submisssion

Biography - the all about the deity and

important details about them

Divine Realm - this is the deities 

home and most powerful place

Relationships - Relationships with

other dieties and humanity

Temple - The main location of worship

Dogma - What it is all about to serve

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