Cards of Creation

Cards of Creation


The Cards of Creation is much like any other story, except
it is a card game. You must create a tale of adventure,
while strategically placing cards in a manner that
maximizes your points. Keep your story simple and to the
point, and in the end, your story will have tons of tales of
valor and adventure.

The Cards of Creation is a card game meant for 2-6
players. Everyone takes turns being the Story Master. The
highest points go to the individual who can weave the
words into the most effective story? while keeping it
simple enough to easily comprehend.

The overall difficulty is minor and can help expand the
imagination of kids of all ages. This game inspires critical
thinking, simple math skills, and sentence structure. The
length of the game depends on the number of players as
well as the number of cards in your deck. Additional
decks can always be added for more inspired stories and
tales of adventure.

Deep Dungeon Games LLC