Deck of Magical Mystery - Tier 2

50+ magical items for the for characters ranging from levels 6 - 10 for 5th edition.


The Deck of Magical Mystery is a deck that has many great (and perhaps cursed but still great) unique magic items to introduce into your campaign every time a player has the opportunity to pull from it. This deck consists of 50+ cards, each with their own custom art depicting a fully customized magic item on the front with a full description of the item on the back. We've built a series of decks for each tier of character level presented in the 5th Edition of the worlds most recognized tabletop role-playing game.


Dungeon Masters will be able to expedite the rewarding process and quickly introduce these items into your campaign either through advance planning or simply pulling a card at random! It's that easy! 


Players will save time and simply refer to the card instead of writing half a page of text on their character sheet! 

    Deep Dungeon Games LLC