Death Dice Tower

Death Dice Tower


As the player, story master, or anyone else on the tabletop. The most important part of the game is rolling the dice. This dice tower will keep your dice rolling to a 6-inch area in front of the tower. There is no more fudging dice rolls or quick cover-ups! There is always a lot going on. Do not let your dice simply fall on the table! Have them tumble and rumble down a beautiful tower.

- Multiple Styles
- Hardy Birch Craftwood
- Engineered To Not Need A Dice Tray
- Small Tabletop Area Impact

Imagine if you will, and you hear the dungeon master call out " The necromancers dark chant rises, and the spell shoots towards you in a dark green blur. It hits you in a flash! I need a roll." You know as you grab your dice this is a do or die moment. You could roll them on the table, but before you is a fantasy inspired dice tower! Victory is near as your dice drops and you hear the echoes if plastic on wood! The entire table waits, eagerly waiting to see if you survive!


Dimensions - 
5 inches tall
3 inches wide
3 inches deep

Deep Dungeon Games LLC