Deck of Casual Characters: Miners

Deck of Casual Characters: Miners


The Decks of Casual Characters

The Decks of Casual Characters is a collection of decks of the various types of characters one might discover in their world. Each deck contains individuals of similar background or story elements and will add some excitement to your tabletop games with endless categories and characters. When your players start interacting with the people of the world at random, you will always be prepared with each deck containing 50 categorized NPCs, filled with their story, personalities, and more!


Miners 1 – 104 Card Deck - With this deck of cards GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Give their adventures and characters a variety of people they can interact within mines or work camps.
  • Always have a supply of people with details more than a random name thought of quickly.
  • Bring the elements of science and technology into your world but also discover their magical ties.
  • Make the keeping of individuals met by a party by simply organizing cards.