Deck of the Heroes Hoard: Fighter

Deck of the Heroes Hoard: Fighter


The realms and world that we play in are often filled with artifacts that have magics unlike any other. The Deck of the Heroes Hoard is a complete collection of decks containing 600+ magical items. Each of these decks is inspired by a particular class of adventurers and is the perfect reference guide and study manual for a player or GM wishing to make their rewards more impactful to their players, world, and adventures.


Fighter – 54 Card Deck - With this deck of cards GM’s and Players alike can:


•            Have rewards and items for a Fighter character that are inspired and themed for them.

•            Bring new treasures to a Fighter hero as they grow stronger with the tiered item system.

•            Bring the lore of a Fighter with every item that is found including set items.

•            Make the keeping of notes and items easily achievable with ready-to-go item cards.