Dice Jail

Dice Jail


When those pesky dice just won't behave, send them to dice jail! Unlucky roll? Not likely! It is a well-known fact that terrible rolls are usually the result of cursed or possessed dice. This kit gives you everything you need to construct a Dice Jail to both publicly shame and cast out bad rolls from your worst performing dice. Simply place the offending dice in the Dice Jail for one full turn to remove curses, banish the bad rolls, and humiliate your dice into better performance in future rolls. Make an example of the lowest roller to effectively scare all other dice into higher action.


Simply remove the pieces from the backing, and put them together like a puzzle. Made from MDF or Birchwood and cut with a precise tolerance the pieces fit easily together. You can use nearly any kind of glue to strengthen joints; I find that Crazy Glue or a common wood glue works best. This material takes wood stain, acrylic paint, and spray paint well, so you can really customize it using your own creativity.


This item also makes a great gift for friends, family, and campaign members!


  • Size - The jail measures: 3” x 3” x 3”.
  • Bad Luck – Those that know that dice act on their own accord will be happy to have a home for their bad rolling dice.
  • Storage – The internal size of the dice jail can easily hold 5 to 6 sets of dice for storage until its time to roll.
  • Novelty – This item will always bring a hardy laugh from those that have never seen one, and soon they will be believers in the powers of the dice jail.