• Diception 3: Trials of the Gods

    The Diception collection is all about adding to your game by giving amazing dice games for your games. Every single one of these games is completely playable as-is and does not require any rule system. All you need is a set of standard RPG dice. This dice set consists of a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4. Additionally, another D10 dice known as a percentile die is needed. 


    This version of Diception is just like the original but inspired by the trials the deities of the realms might bring upon the people. It's about having fun while someone digs through the rule book, rolling dice with or against others at the table and adding another level of immersion to your game world! When your hero is at their worst or possibly their best is a good time the deities might try to test the adventure.

      Deep Dungeon Games LLC