Diception - Carnival Conquest

Diception - Carnival Conquest


We have all have fond memories of when the local carnival or circus arrived in town. It would be not different for adventures entering a village to find it filled with lights, interesting characters, festive food, and games to be played. While it is rather easy to simply roll a d20 to determine who wins at their chance to win that goldfish, it is even more fun to see the carnival games play out with different rolls of the dice. When your hero is enjoying a giant turkey leg, a mug of ale, and a giant festival, but it just is not enough. Now you as a player or DM can bust out some dice and play games inspired by some of the most common games one would find at a carnival.


Now GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Have 30 ready to play games at their fingertips.
  • Be more immersive with their worlds celebrations by adding ready to play games.
  • Add characters to their game that adds even more fun to their carnivals with ready to go NPC’s.
  • Flavor their games with the rigged games of chance that are common at carnivals.
  • Gain prizes with a d100 list that players can win.


Diception is a collection of minimalist mini-games for use in tabletop role-playing games that are easy to learn and fun to play using only the dice you already have!! It is about having fun while someone digs through the rule book, rolling dice with or against others at the table, and adding another level of immersion to your game world!


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