Dragon Dice Tower

Dragon Dice Tower


The making of anything that resembles something crafted by magic is a difficult thing to perfect. Although the results of a spell or the completely random occurrence of wild magic are more likely to produce a singular mesmerizing event. In the opposite capacity, an item crafted by a dwarven smith with the title of grandmaster is dependable, brilliant, and inspiring. The grand creators rarely spend their time crafting trinkets, boxes, or any other item that does not challenge their skill and title. Yet, when the right material is found, a valuable item is usually carved from this inherently magical material. Materials like an ancient arcane tree, a blessed stone, or the skin of an ancient beast. As such, they are difficult to obtain but can change the tide of many battles. One such item, a mysterious wooden structure, is said to bless the items that are dropped through its interior, altering their fate altogether. These wooden dice towers engraved and themed in common fantasy themes or to show one’s pride in their favorite class of hero. These custom towers are fully engraved on the entire exterior of the tower and feature 3 wooden tumbles to ensure randomization. In addition, this exact number of tumblers was used to ensure that all the dice that fall through your tower, end up within six inches of the opening.


  • Beautiful Design - This tower has been precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver - It is adorned with a classic fantasy motif; all the sides of the dice tower are engraved on the sides, and will be a center piece for your table.
  • Space Saving - 5" tall and 3.3" square inches is all the space this tower needs to rest at your table. It is perfect for tabletop gaming without taking up much space and unlike other towers, our dice towers do not require an additional dice tray to stop dice from flying off the table.
  • Easy to Roll - Dice size up to a standard d20 can be rolled through. Even a full set of dice can be drop in the tower and roll to the tray without issue.
  • Randomization - There are three intersecting steps for the dice to clatter around in the tower, so does a good job of producing a random result. Dice results are less likely to be argued after use our wooden dice tower!
  • Simplicity - Using the dice tower is much better than rolling on a table, no more dice flying off the table and no interference. Do not let your dice simply fall on the table, let them trundle down this cool tower!
  • Durable - This dice tower is made of quality plywood and engraved with laser technology. Crafted of high-quality materials, this tower is sure to last many gaming sessions! The tower comes as a bunch of flat wood pieces, that you can easily fit them together with wood glue found at most stores. Once complete, it's solid, beautiful, and compact.
  • Dimensions - 3.3" Long, 3.3" Wide, and 5" Tall


MSRP Unfinished/$30.00/Seal Coated: $35.00/Sealed & Painted: $45.00