Fantasy Map Illustration

Fantasy Map Illustration


We will illustrate and handle the drawing of various fantasy maps for your world. The fantasy map should be for role-playing, world-building games, or fantasy in general. There will be a preliminary consultation to decide the shape, features, and terrain of the world. During this consultation, the style and names of towns and regions will also be discussed. Once the final product is completed a PDF scan will be given to the customer and pending no revisions the transaction will be completed. 

The first image is a completed map for our fantasy world, the next is a regional map, and finally, you have a city map. Having a map helps enhance the game by being able to give out a handout and let the players feel like they are truly interacting with a world.


We will send you a rough design with a sketch from the information provided for approval. Once approved we will move onto a line drawing to define the design and then if you are happy we move onto the final painting. Our goal is to make sure you are happy at every stage of the process from beginning sketch to final design. The adjustments made to the rough design and line drawing do not count to the total number of revisions that you choose. Revisions only count after the final design is sent, and changes are requested by you. 

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