Fantasy Writing

Fantasy Writing


Our team has 20+ years of fantasy roleplaying game experience as both a GMs and Players. We have played countless campaigns and one-shots over the years and have assisted many others in the community, to the extent of publishing 14 books, countless dungeons, and a world boasting over one million worlds.


We offer:

  • Tailored homebrew adventures.
  • We can help both Players and DMs with character creation with full backgrounds and arcs.
  • Create custom stat blocks for any monster or creature.
  • Create fully custom elements from magic items and spells to locations and characters.
  • Basically anything in the realm of world-building, adventure writing, character creation, and everything else that is fantasy RPGs we can handle.


There is much to discuss before the perfect writing can be made for you. If you would like examples of what we offer, please message us and we can send you some examples.