Harold the Halflings Herbology Handbook PDF

Harold the Halflings Herbology Handbook PDF


You are here to learn about my passion: growing plants. When you apply the patience, hard work, and understanding of plants that I do, you learn a lot about them. If one day we devote that same personal touch into caring for each other, we may finally see true peace. Most folks think of “plants” as the grass on their lawn, crops in their fields, and flowers in their gardens. There is so much more to flora and it can grow literally everywhere, from mountaintops to dankest caves to underwater and deep in places like the Sunless Jungle. Most of them are relatively harmless and many are quite good for you! But Nature has her own ways, so it’s smart for you to know your flora, just in case!


Now GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Have 70 unique varieties of plants to add to their worlds and games.  
  • Diversify their worlds with different crops, flowers, trees, fungi, weeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Bring their worlds to life with flora detailing their characteristics, distribution, uses, and ecologies.
  • Give adventures never seen consumables in the form of potions, poisons, and natural options.
  • Add unique consumables to their taverns and merchants with a variety of different cooked options.


Harold the Halfling's Herbology Handbook is an all-new RPG supplement with 70 different types of in-game flora ready for any fantasy-based tabletop game. This compendium, cleverly narrated by Harold himself, focuses on the types of flora your adventurers will commonly encounter trees, fungi, crops, fruits, vegetables, and more, detailing their origins, environments, and uses.