Inspiration Token

Inspiration Token


Did your character just pull an amazing stunt? Did they just seduce the dragon how about jump off a cliff because it is what my character would do!? What did you get from it apart from amazing memories? Nothing!!! Did your GM forget about 5e inspiration, or did you forget you had it right when you needed that advantage on a stealth check? Worry no more! These tokens will help you keep track and remind your dm that you deserve an extra chance to avoid total party kills!


  • Measurements - Each token measures approx. 1.353 inches by 1.353 inches and are 0.2 inches thick.


  • Options - They are unfinished so they can be painted or stained if you'd like to customize them for each party member.


  • Usability - Keep track of inspirations, and also have the tokens for an easy reminder for those forgetful players.


  • Quantity – While you can order just one, there are two set options including 5 and 10 inspiration tokens.


MSRP – Single: $2.50 – Set of 5: $8.15 – Set of 10: $15.00