Magnificent Mounts and Where They Go

Magnificent Mounts and Where They Go


These are animals that would require training for both the mount and rider. The mounts are not necessarily magical but are fantastic. As an adventurer, you can easily afford the high costs of using, learning, or crafting the most unique forms of transportation if you do not wish to ride upon a mount. Travel is often dangerous for people and it is often done while traveling in a group or caravan. These unique wagons, etch their way across the lands, often defended by adventures looking to make some coin.


Now GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Have 30 ready to play games at their fingertips.
  • Discover new and fantastic beasts of burden with various details, uses, and origins.
  • Gain methods of transportation that can transport someone like never.
  • Wonder into a one-of-a-kind transportation tavern filled with unique characters and menu items.
  • Encounter traveling characters that bring traveling a bit of personality.
  • Rid upon a caravan filled with wagons, cargo, roles, resources, and more.
  • Listen to myths, horrors, and legends around the fire at their campsite.


Magnificent Mounts and Where They Go, is a fantasy roleplaying game supplements that can be used by any Game Master or Players to help detail and build their fantasy worlds. In this 284-page book one will be able to take the content to expand travel, transportation, and terrains of their worlds. These are often fast traveled or overlooked despite their potential to create unique character arcs.