Spell Masters Circle Template

Spell Masters Circle Template


Have you ever been playing a good session of your favorite roleplaying game when the caster decided to cast multiple fireballs into a room full of creatures? Did you have to dig out the book after arguing about who and what was hit, waiting for the player to pick the perfect drop location, and must remeasure it 15 times so they did not hit everyone in the party as well? With the Spell Masters Circle Template, you will not have to worry about that anymore. Make sure you are out of the way from now on! Next time you try to dodge an explosion, make sure you know what a "20 ft circle" really is in-game squares and how to find the origin point of the splash on a grid.


  • Cone and Line - The cone with 15ft and a measuring line for the 30ft measurements.


  • Large circle mark – A large circle AoE marker with 5, 10, 15, and 20ft radius markers and a 15ft cone template.


  • Accuracy - This transparent spell template will provide visualization of spell and other effects during combat, bringing accuracy to the game that will maximize your gameplay.


  • Utility - An essential TTRPG tool, this template can measure, 5' radius, 10' radius, 15' radius, and 20' radius, along with 10' cube, 20' cube, and 15' cone! This tool also features 1-12 directional markers!


  • Easy To Use - While each game is different, this tool is designed for 1" grid square or hex role-playing terrain or battle mats. This spell and damage marker takes the guesswork out, and leaves more time for fun!


  • Durable - This 8" template is engraved and cut out of sturdy transparent plexi glass, and is built to last!


  • Great Gift - This would be an ideal gift for any tabletop gamer or dungeon master, and is a great addition to any beginner or adept players tool kit!