Terrific Terrains and Terrible Travels PDF

Terrific Terrains and Terrible Travels PDF


Adventures often spend the most of their time in the dungeons scattered across the world, but what of the journey to the dungeon. The terrain in which one must travel through is filled with unique histories, biomes, residents, flora, fauna, and even monsters. That is not to mention that while traveling an adventure might have to stop a notorious band of bandits or solve a problem for a peaceful group of nomads. The wilds are not place for the weak of heart, but it no uncommon thing for a hero to be lured into the lair of a hag, only to question their decision later.


Now GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Encounter bandit groups to make travel perilous and deadly to the unprepared.
  • Find nomad clans that are ready to roam the roads and countryside.
  • Travel in terrains that scatter the lands and discover the unique details within them.
  • Encounter roaming characters that inspire interactions and discovery on the road.
  • Learn how magic can manifest itself within terrain to create unique phenomena.
  • Come across Hags that seem to embody the terrain they are within.
  • Pick up the variety of books one might find with the lairs of hags.


Terrific Terrains and Terrible Travels is a fantasy roleplaying game supplements that can be used by any Game Master or Players to help detail and build their fantasy worlds. In this 284-page book one will be able to take the content to expand travel, transportation, and terrains of their worlds. These are often fast traveled or overlooked despite their potential to create unique character arcs.