50+ dangerous devices per deck in the shape of explosives, mixtures, mutagens, and traped explosives, for 5th edition. These decks are filled with unique magical and nonmagical explosives specifically tuned to explode into your game of the 5th Edition of the world's most well-known tabletop role-playing game! Each deck consists of 50+ beautifully illustrated cards, tailor-made for those who wish to make a bang or that adventures might come across in your world. Every card has custom art on the front depicting a fully customized item and a full description of the explosive on the back. We've built this series of decks for game masters and players alike! Game Masters will be able to expedite the rewarding process and quickly introduce these items into your campaign either through advance planning or simply pulling a card at random! It's that easy! Players will save time and simply refer to the card instead of writing half a page of text on their character sheet!

The Deck of Mordant Mixtures PDF

    Deep Dungeon Games LLC