The Decks of Dangerous Devices - Mutagens

The Decks of Dangerous Devices - Mutagens


The decks of Dangerous Devices are a collection of decks filled with a variety of explosive and dangerous devices. In this collection, you will find 200+ different explosives, mixtures, mutagens, and trapped explosives, for your game of the 5th Edition of the world's most well-known tabletop role-playing game. Each deck consists of 50+ beautifully illustrated cards, tailor-made for those who wish to make a bang or that adventures might come across in your world.


Deck of Dangerous Devices – Mutagens– 54 Card Deck

With this deck of cards GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Give their adventures and characters a variety of different explosives to use in their adventures.
  • Make the tracking and use of the explosive easy, by simply taking and receiving the card.
  • Bring the elements of science and technology into your world but also discover their magical ties.
  • Make the keeping of notes and items easily achievable with ready-to-go item cards.