The Mineralogy Manual PDF

The Mineralogy Manual PDF


The Mineralogy Manual is a world-building guide to provide Game Masters and Players with the tools to craft their worlds from the ground up (quite literally). The focus of this book is the ground on which we stand - the earth itself and all the wonders it contains.

The Mineralogy Manual has been designed to be extremely easy to learn and use for any tabletop role-playing game, or the foundation for any type of fiction. It can be a fun addition to your long-running game or the start of a brand new short adventure. The book will come alive in your mind's eye through its beautiful and professional illustrations.

The Mineralogy Manual also includes a set of five complete adventures (using the 5th Edition ruleset), designed from the ground up to showcase the different aspects of the mineral and elemental resources showcased in the book. This provides an excellent introduction to many different systems and can act as the perfect starting point for a whole earthen or Dwarven campaign. These adventures are ready to run as soon as you get the book, including everything you’ll need to craft your versions of named metal swords, armor, and other earthen devices.


The book is expected to contain a whopping 400 to 450 pages. 

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