The Pit of Gnawed Bones - 5e Dungeon PDF

The Pit of Gnawed Bones - 5e Dungeon PDF


The Copper Mountains are a long and vast range of peaks that stretch the length of the southern realms.


Home to the Stonemaul and Skyhammer clans alongside the Greenhill Commonwealth, these provinces hold a multitude of villages, towns, communities and encampments.


The Pit of Gnawed Bones is a module of dark caverns, deadly combat, and depraved magic.

Designed as a reverse dungeon crawl, the party will begin the module by trying to sneak into the caves via a hidden back passage. When the passageway and floor collapse around them they will find themselves in a pit of gnawed bones.


The dungeon is comprised of four levels, 36 pages, and designed for 5e play.

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