The Skyfall Tradition - 5e Dungeon PDF

The Skyfall Tradition - 5e Dungeon PDF


For decades Lunac Skyfall has ruled the Skyfall Clan, winning countless elections to hold the mantle of Chieftain to the dwarven tribe. But with retirement in sight, his eyes have swung to
the new candidates and what they will bring to the clan. 


Will the chieftain be a ruler of equality and honor, or will selfish aims take hold in this heavenly city?


This module is designed in an open and unrestrictive manner. Once the party has been given their task by Lunac they will be free to wander the Tempest Mesa, meeting candidates and completing side quests as they desire. As the weekends a ceremony will be performed and the winning candidate brought forward, crowned chieftain of the Skyfall Clan.

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