The Tinkers Tome PDF

The Tinkers Tome PDF


The realms and world that we play in are often filled with magic and fantastic things that only magic can be responsible for. Yet, what of the minds that move with gears, wiring, and tinkering. Just because magic is present does not mean that technology and the crafting of machines is not possible, but rather it often makes for a unique combination of the two. While most of the world spends their time learning magic, there will always be those who turn wrenches, make metal movable, and make constructs unlike any other.


Now GM’s and Players alike can:


  • Travel their worlds by mechanical means with options like airships and flying castles.
  • Fight mechanical monsters and constructs that they have never seen.
  • Discover the future with mechanical marvels crafted by creative minds.
  • A new type of adventure option called the Sapper, that combines tinkering, explosives, and magic.
  • New player options like the Circle of Cities, Gadgeteer, Steelborn ancestry, and Gearmind patron.


The Tinkers Tome is a collection of over 200 dangerous devices in the shape of explosives, mixtures, mutagens, and trapped explosives, for the 5th edition of the world's most well-known role-playing game. In addition, to these tinkered items you will be able to explore new player options, mechanical marvels, and constructs.