This book is truly from the wilds or at least it is for those who aim to survive the wilds. In this 140 page volume, you will find a story of surviving the wilds from the point of view from the narrator Ripley the Weaver of the Wilds. She aims to help adventurers survive the wilds during there travels, quests, and adventurers. The hope is she can help keep other heroes of the realms alive by informing them about aspects of survival like food, water, shelter, weather, dangers, and more. It would not be a fantasy if there were no aspects of magic and mystery and in this survival guide, the readers will also find a section of nature-based deities, nature-based races, and nature-based classes. As with many things in the world, there is no one right answer for things and the wilds of the realms are no different and a section of the different areas in which the most dangerous wilds occur like the deserts, oceans, jungles, and artic areas. The areas will have special details about how to survive them.

The Weavers Writings on the Wilds PDF

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