• The Weavers Writings on the Wilds

    The Weavers Writings on the Wilds - A Guide to Surviving the Harsh Regions of your Fantasy Worlds. 


    This book is filled with lore, content, mechanics, and more to fill your fantasy worlds with, push your players to the brink and get in touch with nature. 


    For all its magic in the realms that we find ourselves playing in, its fearsome dragons, and its powerful wizards, one thing is still true about the chosen places our creations travel. That is the fact that the worlds we create are natural ones that have weather, wild environments, interesting forms of ecology, and everything in between. The characters who most closely embrace this wild, natural world are fully equipped to deal with its down-to-earth realities. These potential heroes are simple and keep their minds grounded like the earth that they love and their ability to survive is shown in all there aspects and abilities. Yet, one does not have to have the background as a druid,
    ranger, or barbarian to overcome the wilds to become a master of its domain. In fact, anyone who has the zest for living and a craving to know the truth about nature in all of its forms will find the ability to adapt and change with every day they spend in the wilds themselves. It is difficult to survive the wilds and nature is known to be a powerful foe on its own without the normal guardians of nature. The animals, plants, weather, and rivers that travel all over the realms just as its people do can suddenly turn and destroy those who seek to harm it or even the pure chaos of nature can punish those who did not do a  single thing to harm nature. A difficult path is ahead of anyone who weaves the wilds and truly they may never return to walk the normal places of the realms of its people. 

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