Thirsty Thursday

It is thirsty Thursday so it is all about the tavern. The tavern is the home in most fantasy worlds. It is a place to gather, talk, and discuss. In the tavern you almost always find a few individuals who stay to long, or leave to early. Either way below will list the Thirsty Thursday tavern.

NAME: The Iron Mule

Location: Caldy

Owner: Lyton Shorthand

Description: The Iron Mule is a cozy nook, nestled in the northern party of Caldy. Usually it is the first location individuals occupy when entering Caldy. Typically you can be greeted by a tall mug, good meal, and a soft bed. Lyton Shorthand is the owner, and he got the name because he is 3 fingers short on his left hand. He is quick to laugh, easy to talk to, but quick to throw you out if you cause trouble. The fact that he is a dwarf should not persuade you to cause trouble. Lyton is older than he looks, and he had seen more of the world then most. So come down to the Iron Mule, and be on your best behavior.

Cost per room: 1 GP

Rooms Available: 11

Cost for a meal: 4 SP

Cost for a drink: 8 Silver Pieces

What is on the menu- Typically you can find all kinds of stuff available at The Iron Mule the standard menu is below:

Braised Pork, soft cheese, glass of port

Stuffed Lamb, dried fruits, glass of port

Steamed Duck with mustard, Rye Bread, glass of whiskey\

Common Patrons -

Gili: Female, Dwarf: Works in the Iron Mule, fire red hair with a matching temper

Reder Ewret: Male, Human: Local guard, easy to manipulate and pay off.

Grineye Sotor: Male, Human: Local craftsman, soft eyes but hard hands.

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