The Creation

Nothing. In the beginning absolutely nothing, but the breaking of what should not be broken creates something. Seven times it broke like a hammer on a chain, and it broke never to be forged whole again. Each broken piece forming its own existence, as if something had torn the pure form of each away from a whole being. Sin unraveled from virtue, life no longer fought with death, humanity no longer sought knowledge, but primordial churned within itself. The essence of such a thing is never ending, ruthless, unkept, and bursting. The resemblance of a rapid dog anchored away from society, but anchors can only hold so much. The link that held the energy, could no longer stand on its own, and a sundering boom echoed through the empty void. Spewing forth from the link, dark and light classed. Creating pockets of both where the other could exist, and an endless rotation in the center where the ground could be laid for another war. Biding there time, for a moment such as this. Earth, fire, water, and wind had their chance. Plummeting to the center and causing chaos in its purest form. The battle of primordial substance raged, and no end was ever in sight. Energy being so neutral grew tired of the calamity, and desired a resolution to the current engagement. Energy struck, seven times on each link, and by doing so brought forth the essences of the original chain. No longer would the primordial be alone, and a true unity would happen again. Life and death consulted one another, and with the current state, there could be neither. Fire tried to burn away life and death, but even in the fire there is life, and death is no stranger to fire. Earth threw its essence at both. Life grinned and planted the seeds that were necessary for flora and fauna to prosper. Death cackled and used the formations to its own design. The wind howled at life, but life was just spread even further. Death used wind as a tool to fuel the fires of the undercroft of the earth. The wind then turned to Energy, and till this day thunder still breaks across the heavens. Water seeing that it was now alone laid down upon earth and went to rest. Seeing a job well done, life and death went again to there own endless struggle. Always knowing there cannot be one without the other. To ease the burden upon such a fresh shell, they also broke themselves into seven parts. Humanity walked again for the first time in a long time. Such a fresh start spoke of great things. Taking a piece of itself it laid the foundations for each of its own. Fey was laid first, and being alone they sought refuge with flora and fauna. To give them company, humanity laid the elves next to them, and a happy union has always existed between the two. Earth groaned at humanity, for water sat on his back, and the fire burned at his belly. For this humanity was sympathetic, and the dwarves were given to earth to keep and make his own. To create a little symmetry, humanity, dotted the landscape with the little folk, and gnomes and halflings have been there since. The seven pillars of death then came to humanity, saying that if the not tax was paid that they would lay waste upon his creations, and destroy them all. With great sorrow at this, humanity created the monstrosities and other like-minded creatures. These guarantees the tax that the seven pillars of death needed. Frustrated, and before any other Interruptions could happen, humanity quickly threw out humans and orcs. Humanity was too swift in this action and laid them to close together. Also in his hurry, he created them in many ways opposites. For this orcs and humans have never seen eye to eye, mostly because of ancient hatreds, but also because you cannot fight what you are. Now seeing their opportunity to truly spread. The remaining 3 spread like wildfire, one always breaking upon the other intent on winning humanity's creations. The 3 known as sin, mystery, and virtue claimed all who would listen. To spread there influence they also split and to this day those 3 fight for control.

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