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So a recent post in one of the pages that I follow online. It was one of my customers & individual that I have a good relationship with. He had posted about magical weapons & how to give them to players. I just wanted to comment & do a little bit of posting about it.

As a player, there is nothing better than receiving some sort of magical item. It could be the item that solves the worlds problems or even just a ring that allows the wearer to not get rained. It does not matter to the player, and of course, this is just my opinion. That being said you can break down magical weapons into a few different tiers.

- Useful - Fun - Utility - World Breaking

Useful to me means a weapon or item that is more than just a trinket. It has an actual game effect. This is an item that gets used and is used to help the player or adventurer often. A +1 weapon would be a very good example of a useful magical weapon.

Fun to me means a trinket or item, that is either just for the laughs or can be fun to trick nonplaying characters, enemy's, or other players. It is an item that does not get used very often, but when it does the table usually gets a few cheap laughs.

Utility to me means a potion, spell scroll, or another item that has a constant effect. This is either a used item or an always effect item. Any item that grants resistance to players is a good example of a utility magical item.

World breaking does not necessarily mean overpowered. It is simply the skeleton key to the world. If you gave your players a staff that must be used at the end of the dungeon as a key or portal opener. That would be an example of a world breaking item. They are items that are integral to your story or your world.

Now that being said this is just a loose basis of ideas on how I distribute magical items. Typically I like giving out tons of utility items like potions & spell scrolls. The reason for this is simply because they are use and loose. Also, players love items that are forgettable. By this, I mean items that they do not have to remember to use every second. No players like to TPK and then realize they had an item that could have saved the day if they had just remembered to use it. That being said as a DM or GM it is not your responsibility to remind the players every time.

One idea that I have used and seen used to great effect is the Magic Item Cards. These are cards, note cards, index cards, or even sticky notes that you give your players. This is so they have a tangible item to use for there memory.

Overall I feel that if you are playing a magical fantasy game, and you do not give your players magical items. You are wrong, and should really look into expanding! This, of course, is all just my opinion. If you have any questions let me know.

Here is an example of a few magical items I have created! Minor: Shrouded Cover - Contains 1 charge of Darkness cast at 2nd level. (To replenish this, roll d20 on 18+ you can reuse spell) Major: City Prowler - While in a city, you have an advantage on investigation and perception checks. - You add 1d8 force damage rolls on any enemy you attack during a sneak round. - Mystic: Cloud hopper - +2 to Dexterity saving throws - If you fail a Dexterity saving throw, you can attempt a D.C. 14 Intelligence check, and be teleported 30 ft out of danger - Per long rest you have access to use the spell misty step 3 times per day. - Per long rest you have access to the spell levitate

Curse: Double Vision - All enemies appear as 2, you have disadvantage on all attacks, while having this item

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