The City of Hastow

The city of Hastow lies in the kingdom of Cawic. The population of Hastow is approximately 23,732. This includes external residences and individuals living on the eastern side of the shield. The primary exports of this city and kingdom are raw stone, raw metals, forged weapons and armor, and soldiers for higher. The primary imports of the city are grains, fruits, vegetables, textiles, beer, and wine.

The city itself is very busy. It is the only trade area for the Cawic kingdom. In fact, if you are found anywhere in the kingdom by the executioner branch of the government without the proper paperwork. Then you will be executed on the spot. They are a very secretive kingdom and like to keep it that way. Also, note that Hastow seems strangely over dramatic with the happiness & joy. Almost as if the relationship of the populace is forced. Generally, you can find any want or need in the city. There are quite a few vendors available, and a few are one of a kind shops.

Local Taverns: Pixies Place, Stomped Scale Inn, Bootale Tavern, & Yartens Place Blacksmiths: Ivory's Edge, Fireforge Front, & Warth's Weapons General Stores: Jorpesh Finery, Talgo Clothing & Cloth, Vert's Fruits, Normags General Supplies, Erelsheart Death Elf Merchant & Gear, Poxy Pretty Place

The city itself is broken up into many different sections.

The High - The local feel of this place is as if you do not belong. The high-end nobles & governmental officials live here. It is walled off by a 10 foot stone wall and is patrolled around the clock by the shield. Small watchtowers dot the wall every one hundred feet of so. These small towers are always manned. The governmental building is said to be trapped & guarded well. The agents who work in those areas are full extensions of the management of the kingdom.

Hearthhome - Heathhome is home to the blacksmith forges & most of the local merchants, taverns, and stores. Sleep does not come easy in this area, and that is because the constant banging of metal sounds through the night. The production of find metal weapons never stops here. Other than that it is pretty normal to find all good and services in this area.

The Flats - This is the residential section of the Hastow. You will find citizens of the kingdom living here freely and openly.

The Dregs - On the eastern side of the shield wall. You will find the dregs, this is little more than a tent city. It is not protected by any means by the shield. It is typical to find murders, outcasts, exiles, and other filth here. During the day you're considered ok if all you have stolen is your gold. During the night, you might be lucky to survive with your life.

That is all I have for Hastow for now and will update more & more as I go.

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