The Blood Wars

In the world of Pamwen, magic has always been a curious thing. Yet, even in a world forged from improper and unrighteous magic. One would think that the lessons upon the abuse of magic would run deep. Only there are those who still seek power.

In the time when Elves were not yet old and humans and orcs were new. There was a group of elves that delved into the magic of the God of Flesh. A ritual of unholy magic was brought forth and boiled the very blood of all who resided in the elven city of Riv Gana. Skin of brown yielded to red, and eyes turned red around the irises. The blood magic of the God of Flesh was born. The leader of the newly forged blood elves, Teremor Demeloth, smiled and began to plan.

Shortly after the fall of the blood elves. Civil war brought itself to the world for the first time since the birth of this world. The elven cities of Ver Gwen, Tor Tiremeant, and Soltirtar fell. The magic of unseen power devastated the troops of the individual cities, and in fact the more that died in battle only fuels the blood needed to form the powerful magic of the blood elves. The refugees of the cities traveled throughout the kingdom spreading the word of the new blood elves and their power.

The king of the elves Faithur Cryngoth began moving his pieces. At every turn, he was destroyed in battle. The ultimate power of Teremor Demeloth and his blood elves was too great. The power that only gained strength as the battle lengthened, and the more the blood spilled the frenzy grew and grew. Finally when certain defeat was certain. Fatigue Cryngoth fell to his knees and prayed, the flesh was answered with immortality.

The Goddess of Life heard the prayers of her fey and saw the corruption that was brought from the God of Flesh. Anger raged in her, and she cursed the followers of the blood elves who were not themselves blood elves. Fear may have been the ultimate cause of the turn away, but she did not care. Almost half the populace that had turned away from the Goddess of Life from that day forward was cursed never to see Life again. The booming voice of the Goddess rang forth across Pamwen. "How dare you curse the life that was given to you, life was all you had and yet you threw it away to save the flesh". "May your flesh turn the color of death, and since you saved yourself from death, go to him now and know his love". At that very moment any elf that was not a true blood elf or fell under King Cryngoth turned. Beautiful brown skin turned to bone white, and green eyes turned into empty voids of black. The death elves were born or rather turned from life.

The Goddess of Life anger subsided and love came to her heart again. Knowing the prayer of King Cryngoth, she sent one of her leaders. The God of immortality himself. Upon the alter a vision of the God came to King Cryngoth. A vision of the future of a life that would last an eternity, and the ultimate weapon against death. The events of that vision only reside in the memory of King Cryngoth, and upon waking a staff lay in his hands. The endless root, the timeless staff, the death shield. It has many names, and powerful is one of them. The final battle loomed over the elven kingdom.

During the final battle, the fuel of the blood elves was cursed. The blood upon the battlefield was deep and crimson, but King Cryngoth new the cure. The endless root gripped in his hands. He began the spell. Magical Veins spring up, and the blood upon the battlefield pooled. Not only the blood spilled, but the very blood of the blood elves. The life magic of the staff grew and grew. The end of the spell left withered forms of the blood elf soldiers. The tide of the battle turned quickly, and as the spell of King Cryngoth ended. The magic of the blood elves was no longer able to feed from any blood. It was now cursed to the location of the ritual, and no longer could a blood elf linger too far from the city of Riv Gana. For the magic that was used was to cause the endless feeding of the blood elves to end. All the blood spilled and fed off of, was now sent to an endless fountain. The blood fountain, and while still overall much more powerful than any other magic. The further any blood elf got from the blood-well. The weaker they would become. The tide of life and death once again balanced. The war was over.

From this war, the elves were devastated. A once huge kingdom now broken up. The death elves full of hate for life left to the northwest region of the kingdom. The blood elves while beaten and broke still resided in and around the city of Riv Gana. They are all powerful around the city, and shortly after the massive defeat, they placed protections around the city. King Cryngoth outlawed all mystical magic, and from this, the Mage class of the wood elves left. Calling themselves the high elves. They set sail upon the seas, and eventually finding there own home on an island across the content. The first era of this world now over, a new one began.

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