The Elder Tree

December 1, 2017

The elder tree was not always on the face of the world. Once the world was seemingly flat, and covered in trees. The primordial wars gave rise to the destructive power of the elements and change the face of the world forever. The elder tree is the channel that the God of Earth used to escape his own flesh. Being husked over by thousands of pounds of stone rock. The only avenue of escape was through the roots of the trees that gripped at his flesh. Combining his magic he gripped at the roots of thousands of trees, forming them into one being. Soon his outlet was formed and escape was available.

The elder tree is now the gate & portal to the realm of the earth. It is a holy relic of the war, and the earthen Druids of Ubul & Bouldare protect and keep the tree. The highest of these protect are known as the green stone. Only twenty-five of these individuals exist. Once you take the vow of the green stone, you are with the elder tree the rest of your days. The elder tree is well protected, and pity is on anyone if that individual ever attempted to harm the tree. 

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