The Primordial Wars

Some 3000 years after the blood wars. True disaster and at the same time unity struck Pamwen. After thousands of years, the primordial god Primitheus grew tired of the complaints of his lesser deities. The primordial essence of the deities fire, wind, water, and earth would soon be free. Primitheus knew that he must distract the other high gods. He did so by turning the high Gods upon each other. He struck at the twisted love of life and death, turned sin deeper in the world so virtue would be forced to respond, made strange things so mystery would study them, and of course humanities, attention was always on the self-destructive force of his own creations. As soon as the High Gods were distracted and caught up in these willed causes of Primitheus. A chaotic smile rose across the face of Primitheus. Primitheus began the chaos by forcing fire from earth. Earth being caught and stuck in its own form for so long did not bend or break easily. It took much of Primitheus's power to separate the two lesser gods of the elements. Finally spewing forth from the crippled crust of the earth, fire broke free. The burning desire of chaos struck across Pamwen. Primitheus then turned to earth, pulling the essence from the heart of earth itself. The soul of earth rose from the center. The roots of earth rose and broke the service. Itself broke through the final layers and with a branching desire to crush the creatures that dare break at its skin. Earth came forth with full elemental furry. The fighting of wind and energy would be over soon. Primitheus gripped both my there throats and like an angry father he shook them apart. The sky broke in storms while this struggle accrued, but finally, they were separated. The wind finally free from energies grasp, blew across Pamwen. Ripping and tearing across the world, in true elemental furry. Water was last, but that anchor would be broken. Primitheus's magic spun, spun, and spun. Slowly ever so slowly the oceans above the anchor turned with the magic. The whirlpool that was created finally pulled water free. No longer attached to the earth, water began to break at anything in its path. Darkness and light stayed wrapped in their own conditions, but energy raged at Primitheus questioning his rash decisions. The elemental chaotic children were released across Pamwen. Down upon the continent itself a struggle of epic proportions arose. The mass of land ever changed. What once was a beautiful expanse of flat easy terrain was no longer. The release of Fire gave way to mountain ranges. Waters release drained some areas and made the water rise in others. Entire forests were ripped down by the wind. Spewing smog & flames spewed from the hole in the earth. Entire cities of every race & creed laid low. Nothing would ever be the same. The wood elves were the quickest to react to the conflict. In short order, they lose thousands to winds fury. The dwarves and gnomes of the lower expanses fought fire & earth. As one fighting force they were mighty, but not strong enough against the forces of two elemental Deities. They were forced to separate & collapse many of there tunnels just to survive. The dwarves now split into four separate forces, and with there capital destroyed. They were truly lost. Humans were the most devastated. They had primarily put their cities along the coastlines. For this, water struck easily and devastatingly. All seemed lost to the power of the lesser deities of primordial. The humanoids of the continent after suffering massive defeat came together. Ambassadors came together in the small centrally located untouched village of Ampwold. The humans sent 8 ambassadors. Olhir Cawic from the great human tribes of the north. Dom Rivent, Rolf Rivent, Jaraltor Rivent, and Kald Rivent being brothers, came from one of the remaining cities along the southern coast. Weser Stone came from the refugees of the humans. The great captain Stas Arithmic, and lastly the King himself Lorn Pere. The dwarves sent four ambassadors Frudar Frosthammer, Koban Stonemaul, Brogo Ashfoot, and Thren Skyhammer. Two gnomes also came with the dwarves, there names were Jerwent & Tinhit The wood elves sent only two, the High Druid Alanser Leafsong, and the princess Varilen. The high elves sent one, for the one they sent to fit the mold. The master of elemental magic Gilnorne of the Startree. The twin sister halflings of Nim & Min came to represent the halflings. As the history says no orcs nor death elves were present. The meeting was held in a neutral place so that every party felt safe. Truly no one was safe, but from each other, there was little worry. Many things were discussed, but in the end, it came down to the High Druid & Gilnorne. Their history with nature and the elements won over the rest of the assembly. The decision was to distract the elements with one final battle. The chaotic nature of the four would naturally force them into battle. It was truly the only moment where the four could be collected together and distract them long enough to summon the magic necessary for such a spell. Thus the planning began, and in short order, the battle loomed near. Both Gilnore & Alanser went quickly to there work. They collected the 4 soul crystals of the primordial domain. The last of the links that held the elemental parts of the creation. The four crystals were of fire, water, wind, & earth. This was the only way, and soon either the entire world would be destroyed or victory would be achieved. The battle began and soon it was easy to see that the elements would win. Each individual in the battle fought diligently, but many fell. As the tide of battle fell, a crackling of energy came through the clouds. The God of energy returned from the fight with the high God. The other high gods had finally figured out the calamity that was happening. The God of Energy gave his magic to the heroes of the battle. Then within seconds, lesser gods slammed into Pamwen. Giving forth their magic to aid, and soon the battle shifted. The primordial chaotic gods seeing the fall began to escape. At that time it was too late Because the spell of the soul capturing had been cast. The energy of the soul of the world came forth from the crystals, and took on the power of the Four! Shortly after they were stuck inside the crystals never to be released, or so it is said. The crystals themselves thrummed with power, and with the crystals, on hand, the two elves went to work. While the Gods themselves were locked away, the portals to there worlds were still very much open. The portals must be closed because elemental fury still spilled forth from them. The portals were closed buy the building of a door and enclosing the soul crystal itself into the archway. The two knew that they must be protected, and left a strong Druid in each elemental portal to protect and defend it. This first gesture gave rise to the elemental Druid tribes. Each adapting to there own methods and truly becoming they own people. The primordial war was over, but the recovery was just beginning. The four dwarven ambassadors agreed to stay separated. Never to reclaim the destroyed capital. The ashfoot we left to guard the fire portal. The frosthammers took up the newly risen ridge line mountains. The stonemaul took up the underground portion of the newly formed copper mountains, and while they had the lower parts. The skyhammers took on the skies with the aid of there griffons. The humans agreed to spread out and break apart to better defend the lands. The four Rivent brothers took up refuge in the southern reaches, now known as the Riverlands. Olhir Cawic who was badly wounded during the Battle wanted nothing more to return to his homeland and die. Of course, shortly after his death, the building of the shield Began. Weser stone & Captain Arithmic settled north of the copper mountain, and both men set up refugee sights to bring in and support anyone who needed it. Lastly, King pere who was lost in battle had no sons, but to honor him. A city was built north of Arithmic along the newly formed Doric lake. It is said that his spirit still fights to be heard. The halfling sister mim, for her sister also died in battle settled in the river lands. Not wanting to bide for any control or land. She rather set up two towns one in her own name Mim and in her loss the other Nonmim. It would take years to rebuild, but rebuild they would. The creation of a new world would be complete. The council agreed to meet in the village of ampwold every ten years. To talk peace, trade, or anything else. The village of Ampwold was thus declared neutral, and that whatever race, creed, or religion. No one would bother you in the cities reaches. A separate branch of the structure was set up. The justice, these individuals soul purpose was upholding the law of Ampwold. The Gods also had there own convention. It was Agreed by well over half of the Gods that this never should happen again. They agreed to only affect the world by proxy or avatar. Each one may have one manifestation of itself in the world at a time. If they died or for some reason was deems unfit. Another could be selected in 7 years, no more and no less. This would stop the Gods from reaching to much power, over the creations they brought to the world. The only exception was humanity, for he always had the best interest of the humanoids in mind. Thus ended the 2nd era, and the third began!

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