The Warsong Citadel

December 1, 2017

The Warsong Citadel

Truly not much is known of the orcs of Pamwen. They are mysterious, tribal, and most of all bloodthirsty. The most common way to find out about them is when the Warsong comes across the winds. They are not numerous, but deadly they are.

It is believed that there are around 6 major tribes of orcs. These tribes reside primarily in the mountains, and tiny holes in the mountains hide them from extermination. The known tribes of the south are the Blackhand, hollow fang, fleetfoot, and rocks Kim. The known northern tribes are frost spear & howling wolf. The northern tribes are less numerous because of the constant battle with the human northern tribes.

The true threat lies in the Warsong Citadel. It is a bastion of destruction and chaos. Only it does not stay in one place. It is moved, and how is unknown. The citadel when erected summons all orc chieftains to it, and soon a campaign of death is brought with it.

The last time the citadel was seen. A huge collection of orcs was gathered, and its horde broke across civilization. It took the collection of the city-states, southern dwarves, and a contingency of high elves to stop them. In their wake, they left thousands dead, and 16 villages burned as well as a large city. The Warsong citadel has not been seen since, and the hope is that it never will be seen again.  

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