The Crossroads Canal

The Crossroads Canal The free city-state of Crossroads is a relatively new city-state. It broke apart from Pere after the new city was built. It is mostly comprised of dwarves and gnomes, and truly they are industrious. It is known that dwarves are not overly fond of magic and with some of the corruption of magic across Pamwen. The mutual feeling is that magic is easily misused. The established the city on the banks of the inner sea and the tenebrous sea, and quickly it established itself as a powerful city-state. Since Peer's rebuilding was mostly in the hands of these dwarves and gnomes. The king of Peer gifted them the lands to the south. The building of crossroads was quick, and soon the city was flush with young gnomes and dwarves looking for a fresh start. The city itself was built so quick that it was not ready for the influx of populace, and a quick answer was established. Jumping across the gap between the tenebrous sea and the Inner see. They expanded south, this allowed for individuals from the northern and southern parts of the world to access Crossroads easily. They also arrived at another problem. The bridge that was no more then a serious of floating rafts was not enough. Thus began the massive construction of the crossroads canal. It is one part bridge and one part tunnel. Huge pillars were set for the bridge. They were so massive that it took 40 plus earthen Druids form ubul to set them. Metal from underneath crossroads was dug up and brought to the service. More and more metal was needed. Before the dwarves and gnomes of crossroads new it, they had dug too deep. Soon after the construction of the bridge and tunnel. Mechanical marvels that had never been seen before started to come out of crossroads. Huge gears and mechanisms were strapped to the bride, and after much work, the bridge was a mechanical wonder. The bridge could lift and expand across the canal, and this short of amazing construction had never been seen before. Many questions arose, but the governing guilds of crossroads were tight-lipped. The city of crossroads is ever expanding up, down, and out. It may never stop, or calamity could bring it all down.

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