The Shield

The Shield The Great Wall of the cawic kingdom. The common name for it the shield. It was shortly the primordial wars when construction began. The reason behind it unknown, but speculation says that it was built for three reasons. To prevent outside influence To protect the populace from any forces of the world, or not of it. To keep the business of the kingdom secret. It took, over 200 years to finish the wall, it is over 150 ft tall at its lowest points, and 300 ft tall at its highest. It is 40 ft thick. It truly dominates the northwest portion of the continent. There is only one gate that allows access into the kingdom. It resides on the southern portion of the wall. The city of Hastow which is encircled by the shield is the only location in which the other residences allowed to be. Both ends of the shield extend into the sea itself. The shield was built along a line that connects the 3 largest cities of the Cawic kingdom together. The city of Hastow in the south, the capital of Cawic in the center, & the city of Samburah to the north. Each city is responsible for the defense of those portions of the wall. The shield is present, ominous, and massive. The kingdom of Cawic ever shrouded in its shadow.  

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