The Worm Hills

Before the time of the primordial wars. The maghoy waste was not present. The release of the elemental God of water made the water lower in this area and made huge barren salt flats. The thin sand that covers the area is soft and easily dug through. Especially by massive creatures known as the salt worms. The worm hills are in the northern reaches of the mighty waste, and although the flats are typically smooth. This one area has rolling hills, but that is not because it is a land feature. Rather it is because hundreds of gigantic worms have made a home here. The once great dwarven capital resided underground right below this area. Completely under the tenebrous sea, it was well protected, and the only way to get to the dwarven capital at that time was through the underground. Once the dwarves were forced out by the elemental gods of fire and earth. It was left as an empty shell. That was the God of Disease took this location as its temple. A huge tribe of reptilian-like creatures followed the God of disease and turned the once great dwarven capital into there vile nest. Once established they went about fortifying the diseases temple. The first eggs of the salt worms were laid here by the follows of the God of Disease, and the expansion of such creatures happened quickly. Not much longer after this occurrence, the trade way between the city's of Arithmic & Pere grew almost impossible to navigate. The maghoy wastes were already hard to navigate and with the addition of giant worms attacking caravans. The road grew less traveled. The residency of these worms and the worm hills led to the creation of the sand walker paladins, and there companions. The worm hills are still very dangerous, but what lies below the hills more dangerous still.

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