Ohlena: The Goddess of Life

Ohlena is a neutral good deity.

She Is a High God, and one of the original links of the soul chain. She values life in any form, and always beliefs in redemption. As long as one still values there life then they should feel free to reach out to Ohlena in prayer. Those who have only value in death and destruction must fear Ohlena's wrath above all. Those who follow Ohlena must be swift in there justice of the undead and those seeking death without control. Ohlena weapon of choice is the long sword. Those who follow her ways must be trained in this way of combat, but only take a life when it is truly necessary.

Ohlena is one of the earliest of Gods to be released from the chain. If it were not for the lower God of energy. Then she would have never been released. From this release brought a beautiful friendship for the two Gods. Her true love is the High God of death. Truly you cannot have life without death. Only they seldom deal with each other face to face.

Temples - The Howling Wood, Ampwold, and Wraley.

Ohlena is said to manifest as a golden angelic beauty, with golden hair composed of glowing light. From one hand a pitcher of life, but the other sits still. A golden long sword rests in its sheath. Her holy light provides healing and sustenance, and it is said one drink from the pitcher will grant eternal life.

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