Syrus: The God of War

Syrus is a chaotic evil deity.

Syrus is a Lesser God, but more in name than in reality. He values all things in war, but truly his thirst is never quenched. He answers only to his higher Death. It is also said that every year a meeting of War, Plague, Pestilence, and Famine happens. It has long been a story to scare small children into bed, and now there is a holiday on that said day. It is known as the All Souls Day. Most of those who follow Syrus are not always evil, but rather are warrior of heart and spirit. The thought of losing never upon there lips when believe the God of War is behind them. Syrus weapon of choice is the Great Sword. . Syhrus did not step forth from death until allowed, but as soon as he could he was at work. It is said he was behind the planar wars, and corrupted many who were holy and full of justice.

Temples - The Howling Wood, Ampwold, and Cawic.

Syrus manifests as a figure dressed in full dark metal armor. A huge sword held aloft with ease. Red glowing eyes speak before a voice rings out. As he walks a red cloak flows outwards regardless of the wind. A battle always nears when he arrives. A glorious victory awaits those who follow him.

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