The Virtuous Chambers

The Virtuous Chambers are located in the city of Erstone. It is the holy temple to all the deities under the domain of virtue. This location is very well protected as are all the holy temples. This location is where any of the lesser deity’s crystal returns. Upon the reconstruction of the crystal, the deity can then choose another to be its seat.

The Chambers are located in close proximity to the Sin Halls, and for good reason. The closeness of the chambers helps keep sin from overtaking the world. The holy protectors of this temple are known as the Holy Virtue. The gilded knights are paladins of the highest moral code and bring great light to the world.

The Virtuous Chambers are protected but seldom do any good individuals find themselves at odds with the chambers. The very idea to steal, cheat, or destroy anything that the Virtuous Chambers bring to the world is pure evil. Yes, the soul crystals of the virtuous gods reside here, but it is considered almost taboo. It has been done in the past, and it caused some of the most powerful holy relics of good to be created. Of course, this also led to a large calamity when a soul crystal of sin & virtue was used to make a magical wondrous item.

The halls are beautiful and considered the gem of Erstone. It is a true blessing to Erstone to have the temple located here, and the people of Erstone protect it with their life. Actually entering the inner compound of the chambers can only happen by those with the greatest of virtue. If you are not virtuous prepare your soul for the afterlife.

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