Eternal Workings

The Black Pillars The Black Pillars are like 5 fingers gripping upon the lands of Pamwen. These black pillars are massive constructs with roots down to the core of the world. They are set upon the fonts of the magic of this world and are as old as the wild itself. In basic understanding, they are like compressors that when started force magical energy to one location. The starting of these turbines is a high cost and is truly unknown what that cost is. The pillar is a case that protects the components of the compressor. If one finds the entrances into the lower portions of the pillars. They will open a door to massive amounts of mechanical mayhem. Not only just the sheer amounts of actual mechanical parts but the protectors of these devices as well. Each pillar is a tower of several floors, and in the center is a shaft leading up. On the top floor is a giant orb. This orb spins quickly emitting a beacon of magical energy into the sky. The Switch Once all pillars are activated or enough magical energy is collected. The switch can be activated. This is a collection point, and can only be operated every few years. Once operated the energy needed must be collected once again. The energy collected then in one massive burst gets sent to the platform. The Platform This is the final component where any magical energy is stored. If a ritual of high intensity is needed to be done this is where it is done. 

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