The Museum of Mystery

The Museum of Mystery is located in the city of Formorien. It is the holy temple to all the deity’s under the domain of mystery. This location is very well protected as are all the holy temples. This location is where any of the lesser deity’s crystal returns. Upon the reconstruction of the crystal, the deity can then choose another to be its seat.

The Museum is presented in the exact fashion as the name describes. The crystals are on display to be seen and are welcomed to be stolen. Be warned these crystals are well protected, and even though they are on display. It is not a simple thing to walk up an steal them, and great magic’s protect the crystals. Other items decorate the halls. This includes great histories, spell books, magical items, creatures, and many other things. The Museum is protected by the wearers of black. These individuals are trained and well prepared for any manner of outlaws.

The Museum of Mystery is a beautiful place, but the true beauty lies in the content that is inside. The Museum is broken into many different sections. The sections encompass the identities of the nature of the deities of mystery. There are many other subsections, and almost every piece of knowledge can be found in the place. Sensitive material is protected under lock, key, and traps. One must be very adept in many different areas to get through any section of the museum. Many ash shaped shadows have been left in the museum. Be warned those who come against the wearers of black, or the museum of mystery.

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