The Sin Halls

These halls are a true representation of the deity of sin. One can find every bit of debauchery and corrupted sin. The Sin Halls are located in the city of Sham, and sin in many ways is celebrated there. Since its separation from the river kingdoms, Sham has fallen more into the shadows of sin. It is thought that the Sin Halls location to this town is really was caused the cities of both Sham & Hadun to separate from the river lands.

The temple of the Sin Halls is not really much more than a long hallway with 8 doors. Each door marked by the symbol of the deity, and to enter is to enter the true nature of the sin. Outside the temple, itself are rooms of every sin, and the cost not more than gold. The clerics that fall under the sin domain are the sisters of sin, and they are run by the Sin Sisters Coven. These seven hags are the embodiment of that particular sin. To meet one is to be under the influence of pure sin, and to survive speaks lengths of the individual’s personal strength.

Then sin halls are protected by the rooms that exist, and to even enter the room is to almost guarantee certain death. It is said one of the greatest paladins of the ages went into every room and game out untainted. The stories that leave the rooms are stories of nightmares, and it is wise to never enter.

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