The Soul Crystal

The soul crystals are pieces of power that allow the lesser Gods to manifest into the world. They are in true essence remnants of the soul shattered to make this world. There is one crystal per lesser God. All together they truly encompass all things of there domain. Shortly after the primordial wars, the high gods met on equal terms. They agreed after the transgressions of the primordial God. That the High gods would never walk the lands of Pamwen unless truly needed. Each High God then took it's lesser and allowed them to pick a mortal being to become their physical vessel in the world. These vessels then became the soul crystals. Each souls crystal takes its own style and look - War - a crystal citadel - Lust - a crystalline mirror - Disease - a piercing green crystal - Pestilence - an amber resin colored crystal with a large insect in the center - Fire - a fire red crystal shaped like a fire - Earth - stone with green emerald While they each have their own style, they are all powerful. In total there are 49 crystals. Seven of them for every 7 high gods. If someone somehow destroys a crystal, the large magical damage is caused. If face the first and only time one was destroyed it created the crags. So it is not a smart decision to attempt to break one. If one is broken it reconstructs itself in the temple of its High God. This process takes 7 years. Souls can be bound to the crystal, and in some cases, it is as easy and plunging the crystal into the individual. The soul can then be used for numerous things. One of the most common is the making of magical weapons, armor, and artifacts. To name a few some of the items created from this process are: - adamantine forge - soul reaper - Primal amulet - Sanctus - Spiritus A lot of the most powerful magical items and artifacts in this world were created in this manner. A lot more can be done with these crystals, and that includes controlling the physical manifestation of the God in the world. The control is a loose explanation, and it is not complete control. The God in question must obey orders or plans, but can still act on their own accord. In fact, one of the classic examples of this is the King of Pere. He currently is in possession of the soul crystal of lust. Only the Goddess of Lust had corrupted the heart of the king and is the true control of the city. So just because you have the crystal of a god or goddess does not mean you have control. If a manifestation of a deity collects its own crystal. The manifestation becomes much more powerful. Truly the crystal is a key to there power. It is rare for them to have them, in creation they were scattered to the winds far away from the lesser Gods. The High Gods as we know now do not have a crystal. It is understood that they agreed to not set foot on Pamwen. It is thought that if one collects every crystal of 7. That then the God can be collected and summoned, for good or bad. Overall the crystals are very powerful. The deitys thought that this might help control the Gods, but it is yet seen.  

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