The Temple of Life & Death

The Temple of Life & Death is located in the Howling woods. It is the holy temple to all the deities under the domain of life and death. This location is very well protected as are all the holy temples. This location is where any of the lesser deity’s crystal returns. Upon the reconstruction of the crystal, the deity can then choose another to be its seat. The temple is home to the clerics of life & death. They are known as the half coin clerics and are powerful in their own right. They serve both deities’ because simply you cannot have life without death. There are temples to the separate lesser deity’s as well as the high deities in other locations.

This holy location is a true representation of both life and death. Individuals come here to celebrate both domains. One may find healing and the end here, and the half coin clerics assist with both. The inner sanctum can be visited by those worthy, but much more have met the darker side of the coin. There are stories of giant statues, tiled rooms of white and black, and even worse tales. The inner sanctum may be the home to powerful magical crystals, but to retrieve them is to gamble with life and death.

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