The City Of Spells

The first thing to note about the city of spells is that a complete arcane ring of stone pulled from the depths of the world. These stones were put in place to stop the waring factions of elves. The split of the wood elves after the blood wars took a heavy tole on the population of elven influence, but the battles over territory in the Ridgeline Mountains became to much for all the other residences of the region. In a hope to stop this the city of spells was established. A large amount of the arcane individuals were assembled and a decision to direct all arcane practice the the northern reaches of Pamwen was decided. The great stonemancers began the creation of the stone ring. This stone ring would allow no one to pass through the ring who sought to cause harm to another. Essentially it created a large barrier between the death and wood elves. If they wanted to continue there fighting they would be forced to go towards Ampwold and deal with the hands of justice. In one swift action, the northern population ended what seemed to be a never ending war! After the barrier was in place the mages of this newly established kingdom sought out a place to rest there city. The city of spells found a home on the western side of the Ridgeline mountains. Nestled in a nook between two large peaks, the city was placed. There are no walls in the city of spells, and in some manors there is not much to the layout either. The most notable feature of the city is several large citadels that are home to the wearers of robes. These citadels are the arcane hub for the different colleges of arcane craft. It does not matter what the study is, it is welcome in the city of spells. There are some that are frowned upon, and are heavily monitored. Though not illegal as it would be in other kingdoms. The students, professors, and other members of these citadels all wear robes of a certain color that signifies there area of study. Also you will see symbols of rank for each branch, only it get a bit confusing considering each college has its own ranking system and symbols. Other areas of interest would be the crazy amount of wizard towers. There is no structure to it, and since often times wizards take there towers with them. One might come back to the city and seeing that it has completely changed. In fact the governing council called the arcane pillars began setting up fees for wizards to set up there towers. Essentially a wizard who wants to set up there tower for a time rents out a space from the council. This of course game only after a brash wizard accidentally set up his tower on a permanent residence. Luckily no one was harmed. You will also find the school of war-magic here. This is where the greatest of war mages are made. The grueling career path will take you over two years to complete. If you can even make it through the first of the trials! Also the city of spells to the paladins of mystery. There paladins join holy Magic’s with arcane abilities. This makes them some of the most formidable foes of the region. Lastly the Museum Of Mystery can be found here. It is said that anyone is welcome to see the museum but to venture into the inner parts is said to be disastrous!

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