The Trident

The Trident is a secret organization made up of around 100 members. The number is more of a guess than an actual number. The Trident itself understand the making and ongoing of the world more than any other government, guild, or organization. If you belong to the Trident then it means you as an individual are very powerful, influential, or you have a specific skill unlike any other. It is unknown how one becomes a member of the Trident, but speculation says that a letter comes and the contents ensure you come for an interview. Now that again is just speculation, but with every thought there is a bit of truth into it.

The Trident itself is split into three separate group or sub branches. They are known as the arm, the cloak, and the soul branches. To put it more simply these different branches are made up of warriors, stealthy individuals, and magical or clerical personnel.

The Arm which is mostly comprised of warriors wants powerful individuals. There are some members who are known weapon masters, martial artists, and legendary soldiers. The leader of the arm is thought to be Sarn Torentar, and his renown speaks for itself since he is the head of the Oghir Louchra as well.

The Cloak is comprised of information gathering, assassins, rogues, and all other types of the underground. This is also thought to be the most populace branch, and considering that information is the main weapon of the Trident, it is thought to be true. The leader of the Cloak is completely unknown, and rightly so considering they pride themselves on stealth and secrecy.

The Soul is brought around by powerful wizards, sorcerers, and clerics. They desire the understandings of the magical workings of the world. The information they gather and collect seems to be the safest guarded and protected bit of information out there. The leader of the Soul is thought to be Belovil Salvalandar who is the head librarian in High Pholent.

It is also thought that all the information gathered by the Trident is stored somewhere far away and, in a location, where there is no population. This leads to people believing that it is somewhere on an island in the Inner Sea. Also known members of the trident have been scene with large crystals in tow, but later returning without them. The exact reason of the crystals is unknown, but knowing the manner of work that the Trident does. They must be powerful artifacts of some great threat, value, or secret.

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